Getting My Priorities Right

Its been a hard winter here in Seattle, the wettest in 72 years actually, but its been more than dreary weather making this last 6 months hard. 2 years ago today I was in Venice. At the time I had just graduated nursing school and decided I needed a break so I took a few months to travel with my best friend. It was without a doubt the best decision I had ever made. Now I've been working in the hospital setting for almost 2 years and I'm exhausted, emotionally and physically. All through nursing school we were warned about burnout, I just didn't realize it could happen so fast. This phenomenon isn't unique to nursing, getting into the work grind and becoming part of a culture where its hard to take a vacation takes its toll on you. I've never wanted work to be my life and right now it feels like it is. Recently I decided to make a change. I just started planning a trip to southeast Asia this summer and I'm hoping to share my experiences and travel tips I have and will learn along the way. I want to create a space where working people can be encouraged to live so we can either embrace the work life balance or perhaps change what we do for work so that we are able to live the life we seek and dream of.